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The Train Ambulance is the best and unique concept of Panchmukhi Air & Train Ambulance Services Pvt. Ltd. that has been used to cover all the long routes in India for the sake of sick and medically challenged patients. Patients are transported from one place to another, for instance Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to Allahabad, etc. The train compartment is booked for the patient and relatives, and with all lifesaving medical equipments, emergency medications and oxygen for the patient to be safely transported in a train. Through train ambulance service, we aim at providing smooth, comfortable and 100% worry free, complete bed to bed patient transfer. Our attendants will be available at the location of our client for complete assistance. The patient is monitored and provided with the best medical care till s/he reaches the hospital. Our main motto is to transfer the patient in AC III, AC II class and AC I, and to provide complete facilities of an ICU within the booked compartment. We usually book minimum 4 berths of AC III, AC II and AC I tier, and convert it into an ICU set up putting all ICU equipments like ventilator, cardiac monitor infusion pump, suction pumps and oxygen cylinders and other critical care equipments. Call Now On +91-9955990333 or +91-7763030333 for more information.

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  • Less expensive than Air Ambulance or long distance ground transportation.
  • Patient travels in a relatively stress-free environment.
  • All patients transported by rail are escorted by two trained medical teams(Doctors & Paramedicals).
  • Safer than road transportation and even in some cases safer than air transportation.
  • Even patients on ventillator and high oxygen demand and critically ill can be transferred by train ambulance. Train ambulance is much cheaper in comparison to Air Ambulance.

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