Air Ambulance


As the airlines specialize in selling transportation by the seat, in our air charter services we focus on individual private aircraft and itinerary, for the urgent or time-sensitive situations. Our Chartered Aircraft service is the trusted choice for chartered flights. We offer large variety of aircraft, such as helicopter and business-jet in our Chartered Aircrafts service. Charter jet categories include turbo props, light jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, and airliners. Our trained aviators are considered to be the basic theme behind every Air Ambulance project like Chartered Aircrafts. Our team consist of Doctors, Paramedics, Medical Assistants, those who have years of experience in the field of health care industry, thereby ensuring a high standard of care and support. On board, of every chartered aircraft ambulance, there will be at least 2 highly qualified doctors, or else one doctor & a paramedic depending on case to case. This arrangement ensures proper medical assistance is given to the patient on board. All our doctors & paramedics have undergone rigorous training for emergency rescue operations, flight safety operations, etc. Call Now On +91-9955990333 or +91-7763030333 for more information.


  • We have a perfect safety record.
  • Our full-time Air Ambulance cum chartered flights pilots are all seasoned professionals.
  • We have a variety of different planes available for medical transfer including King Air B-200, Platus PC-12, Air King C-90, Lear Jets, Gulfstream GIII, a twin engine, Piaggio P180. With more than 50 percent more interior space than a Learjet, the Piaggio P180 provides ample room to work closely with the patient and accommodate special medical equipment. This aircraft can carry up to three passengers, three large suitcases, a wheelchair, and includes a closed lavatory on board.
  • Every member of our medical team has ICU/CCU experience and we also have specialists in neonatal and pediatric care
  • No hidden costs.
  • We take pride in our achievements and accomplishments.

Our Services

  • Effective & Safe medical evacuation
  • To the nearest center of medical excellance.
  • To the home countries.
  • Repatriations to the home country.
  • Provides advance database of healthcare deliveries & logistics.
  • Stratagic medical planing for multinational business corporates.